Bryce D. Shepherd

Survey Party Chief


About Bryce

Bryce Shepherd has an extensive understanding of boundary, topographic, and hydrographic surveying. He has worked in the construction industry for over 20 years, 18 years as a survey party chief. He is proficient in the methods, procedures, and processes of all types of land and construction surveying and has used his knowledge to train, develop, and elevate others into Party Chief positions. Mr. Shepherd has worked with ALTA Surveys, aerial photo control, boundary surveys, construction staking, GPS surveys, and topographic mapping.

Notable Project Experience

SR 520 Montlake Project: Graham Construction/American Bridge Company

Managed the coordination and scheduling of all survey activities. Calculated data to be surveyed from design information. Bridge structure and roadway civil surveying, staking, and layout.

Northgate Mall 2017: Absher Construction Co.

Used ground penetrating radar to map utilities. Ran differential levels and a control traverse through the building. Took scans of the tunnel and structure interior of Northgate Mall.

Weyerhauser Building: JTM Construction

Participated in on site survey activities including boundary survey and setting a control grid. Placed staking for layout of piles and geo pier.

WDFW - GLO Survey

Broke down and re-monumented the corners of six sections by foot following GLO notes, bearing tags, corner recordation, and monument stamping.

Pier 27 - Americas Cup: City of San Francisco, California

Performed boundary and topographic survey of pier 27 in to ensure proper planning of grandstand locations for Redbull Air races and America's Cup. Construction surveying and staking.

Denny Blaine Park House: Lockhart-Suver LLC/Gary Merlino Construction Co.

Completed full survey layout of all features both structural and architectural for a finished surface board formed concrete house precise to within 1/8”.

Monterey Airport: FFA

Mapped runway and projected extension of entire airport. Gained immunity to poison oak.

Tesla Water Treatment Plant - Salinas, CA: PCL

Surveyed construction layout off all structural and civil features

St Paul Harbor Survey, AK: Army Corp of Engineers

Performed hydrographic survey of harbor and all affected structures for sediment control for commercial fishing vessel passage.